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 NCW FFA Constitution

Norman County West FFA Chapter Constitution

Article I – Name and Purposes

Section A. The name of this organization shall be the “Norman County West “West High” FFA Chapter of the National FFA Organization.” The letters “FFA” may be used to designate the chapter, its activities, or members thereof.

Section B. The purposes for which this chapter is formed are as follows:
1. To develop competent, aggressive rural and agricultural leadership.
2. To increase awareness of the global and technological importance of agriculture and it’s contribution to our well being.
3. To strengthen the confidence of students of agriculture in themselves and their work.
4. To create more interest in the intelligent choice and establishment of agricultural occupations.
5. To encourage achievement in supervised agricultural experience programs.
6. To encourage wise management of economic, environmental and human resources of the community.
7. To develop interpersonal skills in teamwork, communications, human relations and social interaction.
8. To participate in worthy undertakings for the improvement of agriculture.
9. To develop character, train for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism.
10. To participate in cooperative effort.
11. To encourage and practice thrift.
12. To encourage improvement in scholarship.
13. To provide and encourage the development of organized recreational activities.

Section C. The FFA Mission is: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success.

Article II – Organization

Section A. The Norman County West “West High” FFA Chapter is a chartered local unit of the Minnesota Association of FFA, which is chartered by the National FFA Organization.

Section B. This chapter accepts in full the provisions in the constitution and bylaws of the Minnesota Association of FFA as well as those of the National FFA Organization.

Article III – Membership

Section A. Membership in this chapter shall be of three kinds: (1) Active; (2) Alumni; and (3) Honorary, as defined by the National FFA Constitution.

Section B. The regular work of this chapter shall be carried on by the active membership.

Section C. Honorary membership shall be limited to the Honorary Chapter Degree. Honorary members will have no voting rights at any chapter function nor shall they hold any office in the chapter except that of Advisor.
1. The Honorary Chapter Degree should be given to farmers, school superintendents, principals, members of boards of education, chapter advisors, teachers, staff members in agricultural education, business people and others who are helping to advance agricultural education and the FFA and who have rendered outstanding service to the chapter.
2. Those earning the Honorary Chapter Degree will be determined by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting.
3. The Honorary Chapter Degree should be presented at the annual Chapter Banquet.

Section D. Names of applicants for membership shall be filed with the chapter secretary.

Section E. Active members in good standing may vote on all business brought before the chapter. While in school, be enrolled in at least one agricultural education class per school year or have taken all agriculture classes possible. Also students, who have a scheduling conflict because of college prep courses, will have the opportunity to remain an active member with the permission of the chapter advisor (Sophomore-Seniors). An active member shall be considered in good standing when:
1. They attend local chapter meetings with reasonable regularity.
2. They show an interest in, and take part in the affairs of the chapter.
3. They pay their dues regularly.
4. Display conduct consistent with the ideals and purposes of the National FFA Organization.
5. Inappropriate conduct that violates MSHSL (Minnesota State High School League) rules will result in:
a. Immediate suspension from FFA active membership for 1 school year. (school year is defined as June 1st to June 1st – 12 months)
b. Immediate termination from FFA chapter office if applicable.

Article IV – Emblems

Section A. The national emblem of the FFA shall be the emblem for the chapter.

Section B. The National Organization of FFA shall designate emblems used by the members.

Article V – Membership Degrees and Privileges

Section A. There shall be four levels of active membership in this chapter. These levels are: (1) The Greenhand Degree, (2) The Chapter FFA Degree, (3) The State FFA Degree, and (4) The American FFA Degree.

All “Greenhands” are entitled to wear the regulation bronze emblem pin. All members holding the Degree of Chapter FFA are entitled to wear the silver emblem pin. All members holding the State FFA Degree are entitled to wear the regulation gold emblem charm. All members holding the American FFA Degree are entitled to wear the regulation gold emblem key.

Section B. Greenhand Degree. Minimum qualifications for election: (Refer to National Constitution)
1. Be regularly enrolled in an agricultural education course and have satisfactory and acceptable plans for a supervised agricultural experience (SAE).
2. Learn and explain the FFA Creed, Motto, and Salute.
3. Describe the FFA emblem, colors and symbols.
4. Explain the proper use of the FFA jacket.
5. Have satisfactory knowledge of the history of the organization.
6. Know the duties and responsibilities of FFA members.
7. Submit written application for the Degree.

Section C. Chapter FFA Degree. Minimum qualification or election: (Refer to National Constitution)
1. Must have the Greenhand Degree.
2. Must have a satisfactory participation in the activities of the local chapter.
3. Must have satisfactorily completed at least one year of instruction in agricultural education, have an SAE (supervise agricultural experience), and be regularly enrolled in an agricultural education class as outlined in Article II, Section E.
4. Be familiar with the purposes and programs of activities of the State Association and National Organization.
5. Be familiar with the provisions of the constitution of the local chapter.
6. Be familiar with parliamentary procedure.
7. Be able to lead a group discussion for fifteen minutes.
8. Must have earned by his or her own efforts from his or her supervised agricultural experience and deposited in the bank or otherwise productively invested at least $150.00.

Section D. State FFA Degree. Minimum qualifications for election:
1. Qualifications for the State FFA Degree are those set forth in the Constitution of the State Association.

Section E. American FFA Degree. Minimum qualifications for election:
1. Qualifications for the State FFA Degree are those set forth in the Constitution of the National FFA Organization.


Article I – Officers

Section A. The officers of the chapter shall be as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Sentinel, Historian, and 1 Officer-at-Large. The local Advisor shall be the teacher of agriculture in the school where the chapter is located. Officers shall perform the usual duties of their respective offices.

Section B. Chapter President must hold the Chapter FFA Degree. Other officers must hold the Greenhand Degree.
Section C. Chapter officers must be passing all subjects for the current year and the previous year and have at least a C average in all coursework. If a student is ineligible for either semester, they must resign their officer position. If a student fails any courses after the first semester in office, they must also resign their officer position.
Section D. Election process for officer positions is as follows:
1. Interested members will fill out an application, get the proper signatures and turn it in on time.
2. Elections for the next year will be at the FFA meeting prior to the annual chapter banquet.
3. Candidates must present a speech expressing their goals, objectives, and qualifications.
4. All voting will be done by secret ballot.
5. In the case of an election because of an officer resignation, the election will take place at the next regular FFA meeting.

Section E. Chapter officers must give 24-hour notice to missing any officer or regular meeting and cannot miss more than 2 meetings without the approval from the advisor. Accumulation of 2 unexcused absences or the equivalent will be terms for dismissal from the officer team with an election to fill that position at the next regular FFA meeting.

Section F. All Chapter FFA officers must sign and follow the West High FFA Code of Conduct. If a student breaks any of the rules on the code of conduct, the advisor has the right to remove that officer from the officer team without approval from the executive council. Termination may be appealed to a committee, which will consist of chapter officers, chapter members, and the Chapter Advisor. However, suspension will remain while the case is being appealed.

Section G. The major officers and standing committee chairs shall constitute the chapter executive committee. The Executive Committee shall have full power to act as necessary for the chapter in accordance with actions taken at chapter meetings and various regulations or bylaws adopted from time to time.

Section H. Officer Responsibilities. If a member fails to complete any of their assigned responsibilities as stated in the constitution or by the FFA advisor, the executive council has the right to remove that individual from the officer team.

Chapter officers serve a vital role in our organization. The following are general duties expected of all officers:

• Attend all meetings. Arrive 5 minutes early.
• Attend all officer and executive meetings.
• Attend officer retreats and training sessions.
• Wear official dress as needed.
• Be on time to all activities.
• Know your parts in Official FFA Ceremonies.
• Be committed to your position and work with others on your team.
• Be willing to accept responsibility.
• Have a sincere desire to work with all chapter members in meeting their leadership, personal and chapter goals.
• Lead by example.
• Have a knowledge and understanding of the chapter, state, and national FFA constitutions and bylaws.
• Have a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure.
• Read FFA publications.
• Show interest, alertness, and proper attitude by volunteering to do your share of the work.
• Have a good personality, morals, honesty and good manners
– Live by the FFA Code of Ethics.
• Have poise and confidence – Speak up!
• Be patient.
• Give credit where credit is due.
• Carry out all duties of your specific office.
• Be willing to discuss any problems or concerns with the advisor at any time!

1. Preside over meetings and the FFA banquet according to accepted rules of parliamentary procedure.
2. Coordinate the activities of the chapter and evaluate the progress of each division of the Program of Activities. Oversee the completion of the National Chapter Award.
3. Represent the chapter in public relations and official functions.
4. Work with officers to determine meeting date and time.
5. Coordinate officer meetings and retreats as needed.
6. Assist other officers in completing their responsibilities.
7. In charge of revisions of the chapter constitution

1. Assume all duties of the president if necessary.
2. Develop the Program of Activities.
3. Coordinate all committee work.
4. Work closely with the president and advisor to assess progress toward meeting chapter goals.
5. Establish and maintain a chapter resource file.
6. Make sure all committees have completed reports after each meeting.
7. Have committee reports available to hand out at the beginning of each FFA meeting so that committee reports may be given.

1. Prepare and post the agenda for each chapter meeting.
2. Prepare and present the minutes of each chapter meeting.
3. Place all committee reports in the designated area in the Official FFA Chapter Secretary's Book.
4. Be responsible for chapter correspondence.
5. Maintain member attendance and issue membership cards.
6. Have on hand for each meeting:
a. Official FFA Chapter Secretary's Book including minutes of the previous meeting.
b. Copy of the Program of Activities including all standing and special committees.
c. Official FFA Manual and Student Handbook.
d. Copies of the chapter constitution and bylaws.

1. Receive, record and deposit FFA funds and issue receipts when possible.
2. Present monthly treasurer's reports at chapter meetings.
3. Maintain a neat and accurate Official FFA Chapter Treasurer's Book.
4. Work with the advisor and chapter officers with the FFA chapter budget.
5. Co-Chair the Chapter Finance subcommittee and work with all fundraising activities

1. Plan public information programs with local radio, television, and newspaper, and make use of other opportunities to tell the FFA story.
2. Release news and information to local and regional news media.
3. Publish a chapter newsletter bi-monthly.
4. Assist the Historian in the preparation and maintenance of a chapter scrapbook.
5. Serve as the chapter photographer.
6. Develop the slide show for the FFA banquet

1. Assist the president in maintaining order.
2. Keep the meeting room, chapter equipment and supplies in proper condition.
3. Welcome guests and visitors.
4. Keep the meeting room comfortable.
5. Take charge of candidates for degree ceremonies.
6. Assist with special features and refreshments for meetings.
7. Make arrangements for a meeting place for each meeting.
8. Set up the meeting room and clean up the meeting room for each meeting.

1. Maintain record of chapter achievements, accomplishments, and history.
2. Prepare displays of chapter activities.
3. Assist the reporter in photography.
4. Prepare and maintain a chapter scrapbook.
5. Assume the duties of any officer in his or her absence at chapter meetings.

1. Assist all officers in various tasks and responsibilities.
2. Assume the duties of any officer in his or her absence at chapter meetings and events.

1. Supervise chapter activities year-round.
2. Inform prospective students and parents about the FFA.
3. Instruct students in leadership and personal development.
4. Build school and community support for the program.
5. Encourage involvement of all chapter members in activities.
6. Prepare students for involvement in contests and awards programs.
7. Share ideas and give advice.
8. Give constructive criticism.
9. Receive constructive criticism

Article II – Committees

Section A. There shall be 3 standing committees in the chapter as defined by the National FFA, they are: Student Development, Chapter Development, and Community Development.
The committee chairpersons are considered part of the executive council and should attend all FFA officer meetings and retreats.

Article III – Meetings

Section A. Regular chapter meetings shall be held once a month during the school year and once a month during the remaining months of the year at such time and place as is designated by the Chapter Executive Committee. Special meetings may be called at any time.

Section B. Standard meeting paraphernalia shall be used at each meeting. All regular meetings shall open and close with the official ceremony. Parliamentary procedure shall be used in transacting all business at each meeting.

Section C. Delegates may be named as necessary in order to have proper representation at various other FFA meetings within the State.

Section D. A majority of the active members listed on the secretary’s membership roll shall constitute a quorum, and a quorum must be present at any meeting at which business is transacted or a vote taken committing the chapter to any proposal or action.

Article IV – Dues

Section A. Local dues in this chapter shall be fixed annually by a majority vote of the active members.

Section B. Full local, state and national dues shall be paid by all active members.

Section C. No member shall be considered as active and in good standing unless he or she pays full local, state, and National FFA dues.

Article V – Amendments

Section A. This constitution may be amended or changed at any regular chapter meeting by a two-thirds vote of the active members present providing it is not in conflict with the state association constitution or that of the National FFA Organization.

Section B. Bylaws may be adopted to fit the needs of the chapter at any regular chapter meeting by a two-thirds vote of the active members present providing such bylaws conflict in no way with the constitution and bylaws of either the state association of the national organization.


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